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Litelink® Fiber Optic transmission systems products


 Model  Description
 AT/AR/AX-1001  Audio
 CT/CR-7008  Contact Closure, 8 Channels
 CT/CR-7001  Contact Closure, 1 Channel
 DX-7001  Digital Data - RS 232,422,485, TTL
 DX-7101  Digital Data - RS 232 with DB25
 DX-7501  Digital Data - 0-20, or 30 mA Current Loop
 TLPX/TPLX-1001  Telephone / Phone Intercom
 INCX-4001  Optical Intercom Station
 WT/WR-7001  Wiegand™ Interface
 WCT/WCR-7001  Wiegand® and Contact Closure Interface
 VT/VR-1001  Video 10 MHz
 VT/VR-1301  Video / Radar 30 MHz
 VT/VR-7004  Video Mux, 4 video channels on one fiber
 VT/VR-4005  CATV Video, 5 channels on one fiber
 VADT/VADR-9004  Video(4) / Audio(8) / Data (4) on one fiber
 VAT/VAR-1001  Video & Stereo Audio on one fiber
 VCT/VCR-1001  Video & Contact Closure on one fiber
 VDT/VDR-1001  Video & Bi Directional Data on one fiber
 INCX-4001  Standard Fiber Optic Intercoms
 INCX-2101, INCX-2201  Industrial Intercoms
 DIN-1000  DIN Rail Mounting Adapter
 RSW-1002  Video Redundant Switch
 VLD-3002, 3001,1001  Video Loss Detectors
 VM-1004  Video Distribution Amplifier 1x4

Remember,  If you don't find the product you need,  please call us as not all the available products are listed.

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