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Frequently Asked Question; 
    Are you Math Associates, Inc.?

The short Answer;
Our new business name is Liteway?, Inc., and our fiber optic product line utilizes the brand name Litelink?.

The complete answer;
I, Irwin Math, was the original founder of Math Associates, Inc. in 1978. The company was independent until 1990 when it was sold to General Microwave Corporation, a Long Island (NY) company and I remained as Director of Fiber Optic Engineering.  In 1997, Math Associates, Inc. was dissolved and the assets and trademarks were sold to Communications Specialties, Inc. (CSI).  I stayed on as Director of Fiber Optic Engineering with CSI.

In September 1999, having fulfilled all contractual requirements I left CSI and reformed Math Associates, Inc. as a private corporation in New York State once again. Since that time my associates and I have totally redesigned much of the product line using the latest components and technology and incorporated many of the features customers have asked for during the 20+ years I have been in the field. The Litelink? product line is the result of that effort.

We also offer a housing that will allow our current designs to plug into the older MCR-1000 card-cage for those customers who wish to use available open positions. We also offer custom modifications and special systems, where it makes economic sense, and are glad to help with any questions pertaining to older products.

On January 1, 2002,  Math Associates, Inc. of Hicksville, NY (Long Island) changed the name of the corporation to Liteway?, Inc.  This was performed for two reasons;  First, to better clarify the products, services and orientation of the company to potential customers,  and second to avoid confusion with General Microwave and CSI products.    View press release here.

Our new business name is Liteway?, Inc., and our line of affordable fiber optic products utilize the brand name Litelink?.

                                Irwin Math, President & CEO of Liteway, Inc.

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