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Luxlink Fiber Optic Transmission Systems

All analog, digital and specialty signal fiber optic systems are the Luxlink brand.  Visit

 Model  Description
 Digital Signal Transmission Systems (your source signal is digital)
 CT/CR-7001  Contact Closure, 1 channel
 CT/CR-7008  Contact Closure, 8 channels
 CT/CR-7016  Contact Closure, 16 channels
 DX-7001  Digital Data - RS 232,422,485, TTL (not for new designs)
 DX-8001  Digital Data - RS 232,422,485, TTL
 DX-7101  Digital Data - RS 232 with DB25
 DX/T/R-7201  Digital Data, TTL, RS-422,  DC to 50 Mb/s
 DT/R-7301  Digital Data, TTL, ECL, PECL, 1 Mb/s to 200 Mb/s
 DX-7501  Digital Data, 0-20, or 30 mA Current Loop
 DX-7601  Digital Data, CAN Bus Transmission
 Analog Signal Transmission Systems (your source signal is analog)
 CAT/R-1001  Composite Audio 5 Hz to 1 MHz, 3 Volt pp
 INST/R-1001  Analog Data 20 Hz to 10 MHz, 3 Volt pp
 INST/R-1301  Analog Data 20 Hz to 30 MHz, 3 Volt pp
 INST/R-1701  Analog Data 200 KHz to 1.5 GHz, 0.1 Volt pp
 INST/R-2001  Analog Data DC to 100 Hz, 0-10V or 0-20ma
 INST/R-3001  Universal Analog Data DC to 50 KHz, 0 to +1V, -1 to 0V
           0 to +10V,-10 to 0V, 0-20mA, or 4-20mA
 OE-1001  Optical to Electrical Converter, 50 KHz to 1.5 GHz
 IRIG Signal Transmission systems
 IRGT/R-1001  Modulated IRIG Transmitter/Receiver
 IRGT/R-1501  Modulated IRIG Transmitter/Receiver (low impedance)
 IRGP-1001  Modulated IRIG Repeater
 IRGM-1001  Modulated IRIG Fiber Distribution
 IRGM-2004  Modulated IRIG Distribution
 IRGT/R-7001  DCLS IRIG Transmitter/Receiver
 IRGP-7001  DCLS IRIG Repeater
 IRGM-7001  DCLS IRIG Fiber Distribution
 IRGM-8004  DCLS IRIG Distribution
Optical Switches
OS-3111 1x1 optical switch
OS-5111 1x1 optical switch
OS-3121 2x1 optical switch
OS-3122 2x2 optical switch
OS-3211 Dual 1x1 optical switch
OS-3221 Dual 2x1 optical switch
OS-3222 Dual 2x2 optical switch
OS-4121 Redundant path  optical switch
OS-7121 Redundant bidirectional path  optical switch

Remember,  If you don't find the product you need,  please call us as not all the available products are listed.

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